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The corporate and company environment can be a whole different monster when it comes to finding the right entertainment and activities. Well, you've come to the right place! Owner Dustin Reichert is a master of all things and creative mind when it comes to bringing the right touch to your company event. Dustin has worked heavily in the corporate arena originally as a DJ Entertainer and then continue on to providing other high energy entertainment for these events suck as The Game Show Experience, his hypnotic alter ego, his speaking events and his facilitation of many team building events. This means he has a unique understanding of your wants and need when it comes to your next corporate event.

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Professional Game Show Entertainment

This is no ordinary game night. A.W.E. Productions brings you PROFESSIONAL game show entertainment. Our professional hosts are outgoing, witty and energetic. They don't just MC the game, but they bridge the components of the fun night together. These activities can be used for a variety of size groups. Perfect for the primary holiday party entertainment, as entertainment for a convention (think welcome party, kick off night, midweek or wrap up).

Professional Comedy Hypnosis

A.W.E. Productions is home to THE PLANET'S FUNNIEST HYPNOTIST Freddie Justice. Co-owner Dustin Reichert is also known as Freddie Justice when he hits the hypnotic stage. He works throughout the year entertaining groups of all sizes and types, bringing laughter and complete amazement. You won't believe what he can do and how funny his is.

And if Freddie is booked, he is connected with a large group of hypnotists and can help find the perfect fit for your event.

DJ Entertainment Options

Music triggers so many emotions and usually can be a real lift the spirits and energy. We have some great DJ Entertainers slated to do just that for your guests. Whether stand alone after appetizers or dinner, or as an add-on to one of our other great options, we can help. This is a great option for holiday parties, training conferences, awards banquets and more.

Photobooth Entertainment

There's no question that photobooths are entertainment for any event. People line up, chatting and giggling as they choose there props. From smiles to kisses to silly faces...and an occasional photo bomb...your guests and attendees will LOVE this addition. They get two copies of the strips, and we'll do reprints for larger groups. The strips will have the logo of your choice and you will get digital copies of all sittings.  And since you are likely to have other activities going on, you'll be happy to know our booths print and cut in under 8 seconds, getting your guests back to the rest of the party!

A/Video Production Needs

Your event likely has audio needs for you company events. Whether a company party, a company picnic, conference/convention, annual meeting, etc, you want to be heard. And, unfortunately, even if your venue has audio options, its usually not strong or quality enough.

Let our expert production team help you out. Just reach out and set up a phone meeting and we'll figure your needs together!

Event Decor Lighting

Whether a holiday party, conference, meeting, awards night or presentation, the look of your room IS the feel of your room. Let our lighting design team help you make the most of your decor. There is nothing like what we can do with lights. It might be the accent columns of uplighting which also provide a color hue change of the room. Maybe you want your logo or conference theme projected in a static or motion effect on the wall or your entry way. Maybe you want to add patterns or motions such as stars, snowflakes or pretty much anything you can image. Maybe you want to enhance your theme. Whatever it is, we can help.

Team Building Activities

Need some help with team building activities? You can do what many try, and look it up on the web and do it yourself. Of course, that means you will likely have the result that so many have. Which is stress...sometimes failure...and often less than stellar results. Your company and team connection is too important to risk like that!

We have several team building options in house. And if your needs are too large, or desires of activities don't fit directly within what we offer, no stress there. We also have a partnership with a large team building company and have the ability to fill any need between the partnerships.

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